10 Simple Steps For Choosing A Great Web Host

Web Hosting is one of the most important aspects of your site. Sometimes picking the right host can be the only difference between a successful site and a failed site. Users tend to like a site that loads fast, is always available and has no functionality issues. On the other hands, sites having slow loading time and frequent down time issues are likely to be less visited by users.

Choosing the correct web hosting is very important for your website. Many website owners who want to buy a new web hosting service would like to know how they should go about this problem of theirs. Today we will tell you an easy 10 step method by which you can choose if a web hosting is the right one for you or now.

1- Know Your Budget!

If you can’t afford it, there is no need to think about it. You should know well what your budget is exactly. This will help reduce your search to a great extent. It will also help you plan better as you can easily distribute your resources.

2- Choose the Platform:

If your site is simple like a blog or news site, it will run over both windows and linux. However, if your website uses complex scripts, do make sure that you choose the platform which is compatible with these scripts.

3- Know The Specifications:

You should decide on how much capacity and bandwidth you will be needing for your website. Knowing what you require will make the process more economical and easy for you. You should also know other features that might be important to your site like SSL certificate or a dedicated IP address.

4- Read Reviews:

You should read reviews of different webhosting companies. Despite what web hosting companies might claim, feedback and comments from its users are actual measure of the performance of a company.

5- See Company History:

It is usually advisable to go for web hosting companies that have spent some time in the market. According to a research 90% of new web hosting companies fallout in one year. If you choose a company that is going to fail, it sure will take your website with it.

6- Look For Bonus Features:

Some webhosting companies offer bonus features like free adwords credit or free domain name registration. If you are stuck between who to choose among two companies, choose the one that has more bonus features.

7- Check Customer Support:

Although you can get a good idea by reading reviews, but true satisfaction comes from personal experience only. To check the customer support of a company, you can contact them via mail or chat with them live. If their response is fast and reps are knowledgeable, your website is certainly in good hands.

8- Money Back Guarantees?

Although I am pretty sure that if you follow the steps above, you won’t choose the wrong web hosting provider, but having a money back guarantee is better. It gives you a chance of saving your investment if you think the company is not suitable for you.

9- Uptime:

Guaranteed uptime of a website is also important. You should also read reviews for the expected uptime. The higher it is, the better service you will get.

10- Compatibility Issues:

Compatibility issues are mentioned at the end as they are rare. You should check if your website’s design and code is compatible and run easily on the platforms that are provided by the hosting company.

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