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What skills should a virtual reality developer have?

An experienced developer and VR development professional should be proficient in modern 3D modeling programs such as Blender and Maya. He or she should also be at the highest level of using Unity to create animations and develop interactive environments. Some developers also need to be trained in scripting languages such as JavaScript and C#. To design a VR headset, one must be familiar with devices such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and others.

Major milestones in the development of VR

Today, the hottest technology in the world is virtual reality. A three-dimensional environment is presented to the user through computer simulation and software in such a way that they feel as if they are really in the environment of a virtual picture. Despite the fact that the technology of virtual reality has existed for quite a few years, it began to gain momentum and actively develop only recently.

It is possible to identify the main stages of virtual reality for the user:

First of all, the process of "immersion" of the user in the virtual world is carried out, when there is an opportunity to interact with it as much as possible with body movements and hands.

In the next stage of "presence", the user can look around in the virtual world and master the feeling of presence and full control over his actions, without actually touching anything.

The user can begin to interact with objects in the virtual world in the "interactivity" stage, which allows not only controlling various objects, but also changing the way they are used and manipulated.


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Why it is important to find an experienced company for VR development

Virtual reality proclaims the future and it is not only new opportunities for games and entertainment, VR is already successfully used in training, educational purposes, advertising, healthcare and medicine.

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In recent years, the development of virtual reality is accelerating, so only a professional company can cope with the development.

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